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Color, cut, put together and decorate your Greenie drawing.

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Print out, when you can on thick paper, a drawing of Akamai or Ipo. Print out the leaf ears, and flower for each Greenie.

Color the drawing, ears, and flower first. Then cut out the ears and flower.

Fold the flower two times over the center and push the pedals up, towards the center making the flower three dimensional. Curl the leaf ears up a little if you like, making it dimensional as well.

Attach the leaves on the Greenie’s head with splitpins. You can use a pushpin to make tiny holes in the paper where the splitpen goes in. You can also use “teachers tag” or glue (with glue, use only a little at bottom of the leaf). Put the flower on the drawing with splitpin, glue or “teacher’s tag.”

If you find or have some feathers you can add this to make it more Greenie like. They wear them on their head, behind their ears, around their neck.

Attach them with “teacher’s tag” using only a little bit, or glue.

Have fun! If you like to show your Greenie drawing to us, you can send a digital picture of it at

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